ELLOOP Mission

ELLOOP company’s mission is to provide high-quality, flexible and competitive solutions in the field of electrical systems construction.

Background and History

The initial direction of ELLOOP is electrical systems design, construction and reconstruction.

Our customers are construction companies, housing associations, the private house owners. Due to experienced and professional team we are able to ensure the quality of electrical installations, and we can offer our customers complete solutions.

We consider important to save our customers time and provide them with a complete service that include construction projects, obtaining necessary approvals and regulatory documents with the measuring and preparation of the complete technical documentation. We offer warranty and maintenance to our work. Our goal is to provide the reliable work of the electrical installations during many years and full customer satisfaction.

Scope of Supply and Services

Electrical Controls Panel Wiring
It is common for engineers to build their own design of a PLC panel. For example, once the electrical design is complete, an electrician must build it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to effectively explain your intentions in design to the electricians through the drawings.
Industrial Wiring
Elloop AB provides smarter business operations by connecting equipment, software and services to protect, control and optimize assets within electrical infrastructures. In the several energy-intensive industries, business provides customers with the complete solutions for products and services that help ensure the reliability and protection of their electrical infrastructure
Electrical Installation of Commercial Building
The requirements to the electrical installations in commercial and industrial areas are significantly higher compared with the construction of residential buildings. Such factors as compressive strength and resistance of conduits are of great significance, especially in industry and crafts business, whereas circuit integrity in case of fire and prevention of hazardous smoke gas are key priorities in public areas, such as airports, railway stations or hotel facilities.
Electrical Installation of Residential Building
Electrical conduits are the infrastructure of electrical installations. Building technology is one of the stages of a house construction which is used longest - mostly for the entire life of the building. Those who want to install only the minimum equipment in the new building for cost reasons should plan ahead and include several conduits. A professional retrofit installation of cables in the wall causes dirt and is disproportionately expensive. In addition, this is hardly possible in concrete walls. Frequently, conduits show their true value years later when owners and tenants consider buying new technical gadgets.
Data and network cabling
The proper application of data cabling and wiring (also referred to as network cabling & wiring) is imperative for successful installation of business, government and academic network infrastructure. Businesses of all types have few stand alone computers and the data cabling system is the network wiring necessary to interconnect them. However, different businesses have different data cabling needs.
Full range of services from project to its full implementation
Our clients can be confident that we will develop a reasonable decision-making basis and will assist them in all aspects of handling their projects up to a successful conclusion. Acting as prime engineers, we provide planning and consultancy services for infrastructure projects throughout the entire production system.

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